Wireless Solar Powered Light

With Motion Sensor Technology
Easy To Install + Just Peel & Stick
  • Solar Powered & Wireless
  • No Bills To Pay
  • Durable & Waterproof
  • 20 Superbright LED Bulbs
  • Motion Sensor Technology

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

4.9 Star Customer Reviews

Customers all over have loved BrightLight & recommended it to friends and family.


Solar Powered BrightLight

The new wireless solar-powered light that turns on at night. BrightLight shines an attractive low-level light from dusk till dawn. The built-in 12 ft motion sensors turn on the light as you approach and then automatically dims it when you walk away.

Bright light is solar powered which means there are no bills to pay, no wire or no tools needed, just peel and stick! Brightlight's construction grade adhesive virtually mounts in seconds to any surface.

Install In Just 3 Simple Steps

No Tools Needed  No Messy Wires
  • Step 1

    Just peel the adhesive protector from the back.

  • Step 2

    Stick BrigthLight to the location of your choice.

  • Step 3

    Virtual mounts in seconds to any surface.

BrightLight Instantly & Securely Sticks To

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Light Up Your Outdoors Like Never Before!

Learn More About BrightLight

Features & Specifications

BrightLight has been precision engineered and designed with a wide range of features
that make it durable, easy to install environmental friendly and more.

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Multi-Purpose Utility BrightLight

Light Up Your Outdoors

BrightLight is the ultimate lighting solution for all areas of your home & office
including stairs, walkways, garages, patios and more.

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#1 Motion Activated Solar Powered Light

What Makes Us #1

BrightLight Vs Other Brands
  • Wireless Design
    No Wires, No Tools

  • Easy To Install
    Just peel it & stick it on

  • Waterproof Design
    All Weather Durable

  • 20 Bright LED
    Lifetime-Lasting Warranty

  • Motion Sensors
    Automatic On / Off Function

  • 30 Day Money Back
    No Questions, No Hassles

  • Solar Powered BrightLight

  • Solar
    Smart Wall Light

  • Solar
    Motion Sensor Light

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Light Up Your Outdoors Like Never Before!

Customers Love BrightLight

Here's What They Have To Say

BrightLight is trusted by thousands of homeowners, who use it to light up their outdoors,
making them safe & secure for their family. Don't take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say!

Truly an innovative lighting solution for outdoors.

This is a revolutionary lighting system that not only works great but also looks great when installed outdoors. The sensors are amazing, the charge lasts for really long and it is just so easy to install.

- Richard G.

Worth every dollar spent!

After having used it for over 4 months, I can confidently say that this product works fantastic. It has even withstood heavy rains. Even an hour or two of good sunlight holds the light for the entire night. The sensor is flawless.

- Damian

The easiest light you will every install

I was worried that it would need tools and drills to install it but no, just peel and stick, and get ready to light up dark walkways, stairs etc. A must-have for every homeowner.

- Elise P.

Bought 1 and then came back and bought 5 more!

I tried this product for the first time on our stairs outdoors and it worked so great that I came back and ordered 5 more for my garden, patio, pool, and driveway! Complete value for money.

- Christian George

Just 2 BrightLights light up my entire pool area.

I have used it around our outdoor pool area (which is pretty big) and it works great. It has stood heavy rains and snowfall with no problem. Plus when compared to the other products, it is priced much better!

- Carrie

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Free Shipping On Select Packages Today!

Solar Powered Brightlight


Get Help. Find Answers.

IS it easy to install.

Yes, it is incredibly easy to install. Just peel and stick. The heavy great adhesive sticks to any surface.
No Screws, no wires, no tools. Easy

What Kind of batteries does it take.

No batteries Needs - Bright Light is solar powered so there are no bills to pay.

Do you have these in Stock?

YES - We have them in Stock and ready to ship.

Is there a Warranty?

YES - we have a 30 day money back guarantee and ALSO offer a Lifetime Guarantee for a minimal price on our checkout page.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is FREE on most orders. See our checkout page for details.

Order Today & Get 50% OFF
#1 Motion Activated Solar Powered Light